Building Management

(DIN E 33736/DIN E 32736 )


Combination of technical administrative activities.

Maintenance and refurbishment of systems to secure functionality during life cycle.






Action to delay the degradiation of the existing wear reserves.

Actions to identify and assess the actual of an item including the determination of the causes of wear and deriving the necessary conclusions for future use.

Measures for repatriation of an item in the functional condition with exceptions of improvement.

Combination of all technical and administrative measures and actions of the management to increase the realiability of an item without changing the required function.

The maintenance of the mechanical and electrical systems in a building is a significant cost factor, so the aim is to operate the installed equipment cost and maintain, without minimizing the functions of the building.


Our experience with the maintenance / inspection / repair and improvement of different types of buildings by our well-trained staff, we take care of the entire process for you.


Using remote management tools we monitor possible systems and their performance and make any necessary adjustments.


Each building is unique, LAG works with the customer to identify the priorities and to develop to ensure cost-effective operation and maintenance with high reliability of the equipment.


As part of the performance, LAG may support in budgeting, lifetime forecast, equipment recommendation and remedial measures.


 Other maintenance options include:
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems,
Electrical and plumbing
Grounds maintenance including landscaping,
Maintenance of parking lots
Review of building types
Cost reviews and consolidation